Fountainbleau and Nuit Blanche

This morning I took the train to Fountainbleau to see the castle of monarchs from Francois I to Napolean III. Indeed, it has more history than Versailles – and some stunning interiors as well. The style of much of the interior is Mannerist – straddling the Renaissance and the Baroque. However there are rooms decorated in the 18th and 19th centuries as well.  This stairwell has mannerist ladies with long legs, torsos and necks and small heads – as if the artists had become bored with the Renaissance ideal and was forcing another version of feminine beauty. 


Tonight is ‘Nuit Blanche’ for Paris and other European capitals – and parts of Brooklyn. A night to stay up and participate in art installations, dance parties and free museums – and to get drunk and trash les velibs (the ubiquitous rent-able french bicycle.)

I met a friend of a friend for drinks at Cafe Etienne Marceau (swankadoodle) and after 5 hours of practicing french, watching le beau monde and eating le food Thai I have decided to pack it in at 12:15. Je suis fatigue.

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