More information and on-line application form are available at our web site:

As participants in the TCU Physics and Astronomy REU program, students will:

Collaborate on a research project alongside faculty and graduate students.
Learn about working in the aerospace industry through field trips.
Develop skills in giving a research presentation.
Participate in a mini-workshop on research ethics.
Receive a $5000 stipend, free dorm housing, travel support to/from TCU and home, and paid travel expenses to a scientific conference to present the results of their research.

Students will work with faculty in the TCU Departments of Physics and Astronomy or Chemistry or Engineering on research in the fields of Materials Science, Bio-Physics, Observational Astronomy, Theoretical Modeling and Simulation.

Also, we are still acccepting applications for our Ph.D. Program:

Graduate Deadline February 1st (though late applications will be considered)

Let me know if you have any questions.


Peter Frinchaboy
REU Program Director
Graduate Director
Department of Physics and Astronomy
TCU Box 298840
Fort Worth, TX 76129

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