Center Spotlight | The U.S.-Russia Relationship under President Trump

For this month’s Center Spotlight we talked to Fellow Stephen Wegren, Professor of Political Science & Director of International and Area Studies at SMU. Dr. Wegren, a Russia expert, teaches several political science courses, including one examining the historical relationship between U.S. and Russia. We asked him a few questions about the direction of that relationship under President Trump.

Center Spotlight | Victoria Farrar-Myers

center spotlight victoria farrar myers
Victoria Farrar-Myers with her son in her chair at the Arlington City Council chambers.

This month’s spotlight is with Tower Scholars Program Director Victoria Farrar-Myers. Victoria sits on Arlington’s City Council and teaches classes within the Tower Scholars Program on public policy. Her research focuses on the democratic process and the separation of powers. We sat down with her to see what it’s like to wear two hats–one as a policymaker and another as a professor.

Center Spotlight | Michael Lusztig

For this month’s Center Spotlight we interviewed Tower Center Associate Michael Lusztig about his latest book, The Culturalist Challenge to Liberal Republicanism. In the book, Lusztig explores the risks multiculturalism poses to liberal democracy through examination of Mexican immigration to the United States and Islamic immigration to Europe. Lusztig is a professor of political science at SMU and received the Colin Powell Fellowship from the Tower Center to finish writing his book in 2017.

Center Spotlight | Matthew Wilson

Center Spotlight highlights Matthew Wilson
Matthew Wilson lectures at an SMU Tower Center event.

This month’s Center Spotlight highlights Matthew Wilson, SMU Tower Center senior fellow, associate professor of political science, and founding director of the Center for Faith and Learning. We asked him about the changing role of religion in domestic politics and which area of the world he is most fascinated with currently.

Center Spotlight | Dominique Baker

Center Spotlight Dominique BakerDominique Baker wants to make it possible for all students to have equitable opportunities. She is an assistant professor of education policy at SMU’s Simmons School and an associate at the SMU Tower Center. We sat down with her to talk about her journey to SMU and how her research could lead to more thoughtful education policies.

Center Spotlight | Idean Salehyan

Center spotlight Idean Salehyan
Tower Center Associate Idean Salehyan on a hike outside of Oslo, Norway.

Tower Center Associate Idean Salehyan has several research interests, all centered around domestic political conflict. The Tower Center sat down with him to talk with him about his latest projects and goals. Salehyan is Associate Professor of Political Science  at the University of North Texas and the co-Director of the Social Conflict Analysis Database project (SCAD).

Center Spotlight | Lessons from Bush 41

As a result of a massive 10-year declassification project at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library, Jeffrey A. Engel wrote his new book, “When the World Seemed New: George H.W. Bush and the End of the Cold War.” The Tower Center sat down with Engel, our Senior Fellow and Director of the SMU Center for Presidential History, to discuss his latest project.