The secret sauce of North Texas suburban growth

Cullum Clark, Tower Center Senior Fellow, wrote an op-ed for the Dallas Morning News Opinion section on how North Texas suburban towns are growing significantly. Suburban towns such as Frisco, are one of the fastest-growing destinations in North Texas. Research conducted by The Times calculator, an online tool created by The Dallas Morning News to gain a better insight into why people are choosing to live where they do, helps us understand why suburban towns are growing now more than ever. It’s simple, suburban towns are growing because people are being given what they want, a hometown that has everything a hometown needs. 

This article tries to understand why some suburban towns are attracting more residents than other suburban towns that offer almost the same benefits. Frisco, Texas is ranked No.1, doing better than Euless, Texas. According to The Times calculator, it is shown that residents who are wanting good schools, jobs, quality of life, and affordability, are pointed to suburbs in heartland metropolitan areas. Areas include North Texas cities of Plano, McKinney, Frisco, and Allen.

To conclude, this article dives deep into listing the biggest reasons why some suburban towns are growing more than others and how they have played a role in helping new residents choose their new hometowns. Read the full article here