Ending Human Trafficking One Sweet Tea at a Time

Highland Capital Management Tower Scholar Raleigh Dewan recently won 2021 Business Plan Contest for his idea to fight human trafficking with beverage company Sister Shaq’s Sweet Tea. We asked Raleigh a little more about this venture and this is what he had to say.

Raleigh Dewan presenting at SMU’s Big Ideas Competition

Sister Shaq’s Sweet Tea, a socially conscious tea company, helps tea drinkers feel good with healthy, confession worthy beverages that not only taste good—they do good! It’s the only company that features ethical and sustainable American teas with an all-natural, zero-calorie, and zero-glycemic sacrilicious sweetener.

Beyond just tasting fantastic, our teas also fight human trafficking across the world and down the street. The company partners with local, Dallas organizations devoted to addressing the crisis of domestic human-trafficking and, by sourcing ethical American teas, we fight the systemic labor trafficking and unethical conditions rampant in foreign tea plantations.

Sister Shaq’s Sweet Tea is launching at SMU in the Fall 2021 and other locations throughout Dallas.

Watch his winning pitch here.