Digesting Difference: Migrant Incorporation and Mutual Belonging in Europe

Tower Center Associate Dr. Kelly McKowen, along with Dr. John Borneman of Princeton University, edited ” Digesting Difference: Migrant Incorporation and Mutual Belonging in Europe“, a book about how migration across Europe’s external and internal borders has introduced unprecedented sociocultural diversity, and with it, new questions about belonging, identity, and the incorporation of others into extant and emergent groups and communities. Bringing together leading cultural anthropologists, Digesting Difference offers a series of ethnographic studies that show incorporation to be a process rooted in the everyday encounters and exchanges between strangers, friends, lovers, neighbors, parents, workers, and others. Rich in ethnographic detail and ambitious in its theorizing, the volume tells the stories of Europe’s transformative engagement with sociocultural difference in the wake of migration associated with EU expansion, the Eurozone meltdown, and the 2015-2016 refugee crisis. It promises to be essential reading for scholars and students of cultural anthropology, migration, integration, and European studies. Read more here.