SMU Student to Research the Toll of War on Educational Systems with Al G. Hill, Jr. Fellowship

The John G. Tower Center for Political Studies is proud to announce it has awarded Sanaa Ghamin the Al G. Hill, Jr. Fellowship. Given to students pursuing collaborative work in politics and government, the student will work closely with SMU faculty to introduce a substantive issue, apply appropriate research methodologies and techniques, develop a theory, and present their findings.

Sanaa Ghanim, who is pursuing a degree in Human Rights and English as well as a minor in Arabic, serves as a Dedman Senator in the 105th Student Senate representing the Students’ Association. She also founded the non-profit organization Give A Pencil, which functions to provide low-income public schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with supplies students need to achieve academic success. Sanaa will use this fellowship to analyze the effects of war on the education system within the West Bank and Israel.

To learn more about this and other SMU Tower Center fellowships, go here.