Two SMU Faculty Awarded Colin Powell Fellowships for 2019-2020

We are happy to announce two SMU faculty members have been awarded this year’s Colin Powell Global Order and Foreign Fellowship Funding for 2019-2020. Funding has been awarded to Chris Jenks, Director of the Criminal Clinic and Associate Professor of Law, and Herve Tchumkam, Associate Professor of French.

The award, designed to increase research and scholarship and to enhance teaching effectiveness, gives SMU faculty members up to $2,500 for work that broadly focuses on the following five research areas: (1) National Security & Defense, (2) Latino Public Policy, (3) U.S. Economy & Politics, (4) Japan & East Asia, and (5) International Politics & Economics.

Chris Jenks will use the award to write a law review article on the international humanitarian law implications of releasing a  a detained enemy belligerent near the point of capture during a non-international armed conflict.

Herve Tchumkam will use the award toward his ongoing project The Harkis: French Citizens, Colonial Subjects with the goal of understanding identity construction in the aftermath of an agitated history.

Jenks and Tchumkam will be present findings of their work at the Tower Center in the fall of 2020.