Luisa del Rosal | “Texas, Mexico officials wary of Trump’s trade plans”

President Donald Trump spent much of his campaign attacking the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), at one point calling it the worst trade deal ever signed. He is expected to sign an executive order to renegotiate NAFTA sometime this week.

According to My Statesman, about 1.6 billion jobs in Texas depend on the export of goods and services, with Mexico as its leading market.

Tower Center and Texas-Mexico Center Director Luisa del Rosal was quoted in My Statesman about the appointment of Gerónimo Gutiérrez as Mexico’s ambassador to the United States.

“You’re talking about somebody who’s on the ground in Texas who understands how deeply intertwined our economies are,” del Rosal said. “For us, we are so excited because we consider him a friend and an ally.”

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