Josh Rovner | “Donald Trump and the Future of Intelligence”

Tower Center Chair Joshua Rovner wrote an editorial looking at the long view of intelligence under Donald Trump’s administration and potential long-term consequences. He says the intelligence community’s challenge will be “how to avoid irrelevance without corrupting their organizational integrity.”

Trump has dismissed the CIA’s reports that Russia used cyberattacks to help Trump win the presidency, and he has opted to receive an intelligence briefing three times a week instead of the traditional daily updates.

“The controversies surrounding the Trump transition will pass,” Rovner wrote. “The intelligence community’s reaction, however, may have lasting consequences.”

Read his essay here.

Rovner was also quoted in Nextgov’s article by Joseph Marks, “Here’s Why Trump’s Intelligence Bashing Matters”.

“If the intelligence community is deeply demoralized and doesn’t feel interested in working with the White House or other policy counterparts, policymakers lose that check and they’re more inclined to trust their instincts,” he said.

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