New data and new technologies make it possible to explore social, historical, and textual problems like never before.


Faculty, students, industry professionals, and university and industry leaders are invited to join us for Think-Play-Hack Summer 2020 to explore how data science can transform our understanding of urbanism, inequality, and human life – and the narratives we use to describe them. Think-Play-Hack will bring together data scientists, historians, social scientists, literary scholars, and industry professionals to think critically about the ways that data reshapes what we know about the past and present, to play with data and algorithms on cities, and to hack our way to better knowledge and long-term solutions to past and present inequity.

Taos, New Mexico
July 9-13, 2020

Costs (room, board, and tuition)
$1250 (grad students/adjuncts/staff)
$1650 (assistant professors)
$1950 (assoc professors)
$2250 (full professors)
$3250 (deans/other administrators)​

To register, email
Deadline for commitments: April 1, 2020

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