The Winners of the black album mixtape Awards

In response to the historical significance of 2020 defined by COVID-19 and social protest, the black album. mixtape, invited students, professionals and the community in the arts, technology, science and activism to submit original content.

In celebration of the talent and work of these collaborators, the black album. mixtape. and Ms. Taylor have awarded a $500 cash prize to each winner. See all the submissions.

Youth Division

Activism Award

Leon Jones, Rhett Goldman, Caleb Mosley – “Through My Mind” (Film, Dance, Spoken Word)

Artist Award

Alexandria Carrington – “In the Dark” (Original Music)
Ben Woods – “All” (Original Music)

STEM Award

Nya Smith – “I Believe” (Spoken Word)

Adult Division 

Activism Award

Bobby Daye – “This Voice” (Original Music)

Song written by Bobby Daye, Sylvia MacCalla and Yvette Cason. Video created by Arnetia Walker.

Artist Award

John Tyler – “Make The Change” (Music)
Wilfredo Rivera – “Culture Loop” (Dance)

Innovation Award

Mark Hirsch – “Portrait of a Nation” (Technology)