Eight Awards. $500 Each: the black album. mixtape. awards.

In response to the historical significance of 2020 defined by COVID-19 and social protest, the black album. mixtape., a project by Regina Taylor and SMU invited students, professionals and the community in the arts, technology, science and activism to submit original content.

Works have included video, music, audio, images, monologues, photos, designs, or text, interviews or self-interviews. To recognize and celebrate the talent and work of collaborators, the black album. mixtape. and Ms. Taylor will offer eight awards in the amount of $500 each at a virtual block party on May 11, 2021.


A panel of judges, appointed by Regina Taylor, will select award winners in two divisions:

Youth Division
For collaborators twenty-one years and younger

Adult Division
For collaborators twenty-two years old and older (as of March 1, 2021)

Judges will select four prize winners from each division, representing each of the following categories:

The Artist Mixtape Award
For excellence in the categories of art, music, theatre, dance, or other creative arts

The Innovation Mixtape Award
For excellence in the creative application of technology

The STEM Mixtape Award
For excellence in the areas of science, medicine, architecture/engineering, or another math or science-related field.

The Activist Mixtape Award
For excellence in the areas of social justice, law, environmental activism, or another form of activism

How do I submit work? 

Step 1: Complete and submit the form below.

Step 2: You will immediately be taken to a Box folder to upload your file(s).

To be considered for a mixtape Award, collaborators must complete these steps no later than Monday, May 3, 2021Be sure to check your email for additional information.

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Winners will be announced live during the virtual Block Party event, the culmination of the black album. mixtape. project. Event details follow: 

the black album. mixtape. Block Party
8 – 9 p.m. CDT, Tuesday, May 11, 2021

All collaborating artists will be invited to attend. More details will be forthcoming via email.

Questions? Email theblackalbum@smu.edu