Spotlight on the Artists: Our Weekly Picks from Mixtape Submissions

In response to the historical significance of 2020 defined by COVID-19 and social protest, the black album. mixtape., a project by Regina Taylor and SMU, invites students, professionals and the community in the arts, technology, science and activism to submit original content until May 3, 2021.

Works can include video, music, audio, images, monologues, photos, designs, or text, interviews or self-interviews. To recognize and celebrate the talent and work of collaborators, the black album. mixtape. and Ms. Taylor will offer eight awards in the amount of $500 each at a virtual block party on May 11, 2021.

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“Stand Up” by Joi Henry

Joi Henry is a Production Assistant at Howard University.

SMU Student Trajan Clayton: “Wake Up” (Music by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes)

“Though we be chained to our history wherever we go, we hold the key to our own freedom. Time to get woke!”

With Aly Marchant, Ethan Taylor, Tyler Baker, Anthony Gaetjen, Megan Muscato. Filmed and edited by Macy Mae Cowart.

Art by Synthia SAINT JAMES, from Healers Orishas Shamans and Deities: The Healing Art of Synthia SAINT JAMES

“Healers Orishas Shamans and Deities is the series of paintings created by world-renowned visual artist Synthia SAINT JAMES in the wake of the 2020 pandemic and the civil unrest.  Her hope and her intent is to promote physical, spiritual and emotional healing – bridging our way to inner peace and serenity through her these paintings.”

Healers, Orishas, Shamans and Deities
Healers, Orishas, Shamans and Deities

Video by Vida Landron, Student at Lehman College, entitled “Budda Pecan Nuyorican Discertation.”

“Miss Indigenous Poppins educating pilgrims.”

SMU Student(s) Leon Jones, Rhett Goldman, Caleb Mosely: “Through My Mind”

“This film explores racial injustice, black mental health, and what it means to be black in 2021 through visual art, dance, film, music, and monologues.”

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