Better Business on the Border

John Barela, CEO of The Borderplex Alliance, spoke with us about the prosperous economy along the Texas-Mexico border.

The border is the future. We’re young, diverse, and represent the best of globalization. As CEO of the Borderplex Alliance,  a regional nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting economic development and prosperity in the Borderplex region (Cd. Juárez, El Paso, and Southern New Mexico), I understand our region’s unique value proposition.

Since 2014, we’ve helped bring over 14,000 jobs and over $600 million in investments to our region. By capitalizing on our strengths, we are meeting the challenges of the global economy and setting an example for creating jobs, hope, and opportunity on both sides of the border.

The Borderplex region is home to 2.5 million people and one of the world’s largest bilingual workforce. The region boasts five major universities, three medical schools, and three military installations. We are the fourth-largest manufacturing hub in North America and a globally competitive advanced manufacturing center, with over 340 significant manufacturing operations, employing more than 275,000 people in the region.

A top location for trade, our region is also home to advanced supply chains and is a major logistics hub. In fact, total trade through the El Paso’s ports of entry amounted to $82.5 billion as of May, making us the gateway of trade for the Americas.

From Los Angeles and San Francisco to Boston — the Beltway and back — our organization is in boardrooms sharing our region’s unique advantages with eager entrepreneurs looking for a new home.  Our message is working, and we’ve made considerable progress in attracting new business to the Borderplex.

For example, last year, we were able to help two start-ups, Fivestars and Curacubby expand their operations in Downtown El Paso. This year, we are redoubling our efforts and leveraging our contacts in Silicon Valley to continue the growth.

We are staying ahead of our rapid growth by making strategic investments in mobility. Over the last ten years, our community has invested over $2 billion in roads, transportation, and infrastructure.

Another strategic investment that has proven good for business is the more than a billion dollars in public and private money spent to revitalize our Downtown.

All these investments, infrastructure,  and quality of life come together to attract top talent, capital, and opportunity for business without borders.

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