Texas-Mexico Center at NAFTA discussion panel

On June 19, the Mission Foods Texas-Mexico Center collaborated on a panel discussion about NAFTA alongside the SMU Tower Center, the Bipartisan Center, the Bush Institute, NASCO and the World Affairs Council. Mission Foods CEO Javier Velez was one of the panelists, bringing insight about how the trade agreement is crucial for the business sector across the three countries on how it has helped transform Mexico into a more competitive country.

Representative Will Hurd, another one of the panelists, mentioned that “Texas must lead the way” in the discussions of a NAFTA 2.0, because it’s a crucial state: what happens in Texas, matters in the rest of the country. Hard to disagree, considering the Texas economy is a $3 billion one – the size of Canada’s.

You can read more about the panel in this story featured in the Dallas Morning News.

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