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On March 1st, SMU students took home 26 awards: 9 Gold, 16 Silver, and the Student Best of Show.

This is the fourth year in a row that SMU has won Best of Show at the American Advertising Federation Dallas ADDY awards (and the fifth out of the last six years). Pictured here are this year’s Best of Show Winners Roshan Gupta & Kayla Hanrahan accepting their award at the show.

“We’ve had an incredible run over the past few years. In 2021 and 2022 we broke records (that we set) for the overall number of ADDY wins in this competition (30). But this year we took home more Gold ADDYs than ever (9),” advertising professor, Mark Allen, noted. “And I think this is telling because, not only are we producing a lot of great work from year to year, but the amount of truly exceptional work coming out of our program seems to be increasing.”

The work presented ranged from designs of students’ personal business cards to ad campaign projects for existing companies with creative projects across different forms of media.

Since all of the awards received were Silver and above, every entry will move forward to compete in the District 10 competition, which is one of the most competitive districts in the country. There they will compete against Gold and Silver winners from other schools in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

The Dallas Addys is a highly competitive competition, which means that a lot of other impressive work from students didn’t get in. Allen noted that “several campaigns that didn’t get into the ADDYs won in other prominent competitions like the Graphis International New Talent Annual and the DSVC National Student Show.” Keep an eye on our social media pages to see more of the winning work. The Temerlin School is very proud of the work of all their students and congratulations to all the ADDY winners listed below:


BEST OF SHOW / Smart Sweets / Roshan Gupta & Kayla Hanrahan

GOLD / Light Phone / Television / Tessa Conti & Natalie Castillo

GOLD / Band-Aid / Social Media / Tessa Conti & Avery LeVoyer

GOLD / Letterboxd / Magazine / Alexa May & Anika Crouser

GOLD / Grammarly / Cross-Platform / Hernandez & Meriel Upton

GOLD / Smart Sweets / Cross-Platform / Roshan Gupta & Kayla Hanrahan

GOLD / Pretty Litter / Out Of Home Poster / Brooke Betik & Megan Ferm

GOLD / Smart Sweets / Copywriting / Roshan Gupta & Kayla Hanrahan

GOLD / Future of Sex Ed / Out-Of-Home / Natalie Castillo & Olivia Porsch

GOLD / Heidenreich Business Card / Stationery / Sophie Heidenreich

SILVER / Marek Business Card / Stationery / Siena Marek

SILVER / Neuro / Social Media / Avery LeVoyer & Olivia Porsch

SILVER / Neuro / Online/Interactive / Avery LeVoyer & Olivia Porsch

SILVER / Sriracha / Cross-Platform / Daniela Villegas & Timmy Chae

SILVER / Uptown Cheapskate / Cross-Platform / Juan Silva & Blake Lyster

SILVER / IcyHot PRO / Cross-Platform / Tessa Conti & Anika Crouser

SILVER / Light Phone / Cinematography / Tessa Conti & Natalie Castillo

SILVER / Tile / Magazine / Sophie Heidenreich & Natalie Castillo

SILVER / Tile / Art Direction / Sophie Heidenreich & Natalie Castillo

SILVER / Tile / Cross-Platform / Sophie Heidenreich & Natalie Castillo

SILVER / Peko / Integrated Brand Identity Campaign / Siena Marek

SILVER / Hawkers / Logo Design / Delaney Gendron

SILVER / Miralax / Cross-Platform / Sophie Heidenreich & Emily Elhilow

SILVER / Lumē / Cross-Platform / Alexa May & Megan Ferm

SILVER / Dramamine / Outdoor & Transit / Olivia Hernandez & Meriel Upton

SILVER / Miralax / Outdoor & Transit / Sophie Heidenreich & Emily Elhilow

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