The week of October 24, 2022, over 150 CMOs and business leaders joined together in Orlando, Florida, as a force for growth and good. This is the first time the entire council has met in person in three years.

Dr. Carrie La Ferle of the Temerlin Advertising Institute (sitting first row 2nd from right) and an expert in Culture & Ethics was in attendance helping to shape initiatives for the year ahead.

Below are the actions agreed to be taken in 2023 by the ANA’s Global CMO Growth Council.

SUSTAINABILITY: When we focus on driving growth in ways that are good for the environment, consumers will reward us, which will drive the economy.

TALENT: Our goal is to affect 50,000 marketers and 50,000 students in 2023.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB): Multicultural market growth represents the single most significant opportunity for business growth today.

Humanized Brand Growth: A shift from referencing B2C or B2B with a preference for B4H (Brands for Humans). Growth comes from brands acting in a human-centric way – creating real value to address human needs in innovative ways for the people they serve.

These initiatives will help the industry work together to change habits and systems that limit market growth, including those damaging our planet. As many on the council believe, advertisers and marketers have the power to reach a lot of people, but with power comes responsibility. As La Ferle sums it up “we have a responsibility to use our tools over the people we serve and the environment we live in for growth and good, resulting in a win for all.”

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