SXSWelcome to Graduate School

by TAI Program Specialist Sandi Edgar

New grad students might be surprised by how dissimilar their experiences are compared to undergrad life: smaller classes, expectations of thorough preparation for rigorous discussions, double digit research paper requirements, and reading hundreds of pages a week. Graduate school is an agility exercise in discipline, commitment, and stamina. It is also VERY FUN and the place many students accrue classmates and professors into their professional network.

I accompanied TAI students to SXSW this week- we networked, danced, and learned A LOT! SXSW is a graduate course guaranteed to give other students FOMO; Temerlin students attended sessions by day, microblogged during breaks, and networked at parties by night. This unconventional course closely mimics the real world of advertising by challenging students through time management, decorum at client events, assignment obstacles, and sheer exhaustion!

The biggest draw for SXSW is the unparalleled access to innovative technology, often presented by world-class leaders, which provides excellent research opportunities for our students. The most common SXSW themes included Virtual Reality, the future of holograms, Artificial Intelligence, screen less advertising, millennial marketing, and cause based brands.

Temerlin students were also treated to a VIP boat party from Dallas’ Agency Entourage founder Ben Randolph (bottom), and networked with many advertising giants. We had an excellent time at SXSW and enjoyed bonding with our students (top) at this dynamic conference.

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