TAI Hosts Visiting Scholar Dr. Kevin Wise for Lecture on Engagement with Mobile Phones

Friday October 21, Temerlin Advertising Institute hosted a lecture by Visiting Scholar Dr. Kevin Wise, an advertising professor at the University of Illinois. Dr. Wise discussed his research, “Effects of Movement on Cognitive and Emotional Responses to Stimuli Viewed on Mobile Phones.” His research explores the psychology underlying interactive media use, suggesting that from a cognitive perspective physical cues may activate psychological concepts that, in turn, influence psychological responses to stimuli. Many SMU staff and students attended the lecture.

Dr. Wise lecturing at SMU.
Dr. Wise lecturing at SMU.

“Mobile devices are ubiquitously prevalent in today’s world,” Adeline Tolliver, Instructional Designer for SMU’s CTE, said. “We see students and faculty around campus walking or standing while hypnotized by their mobile devices and dwelling in the digital as much as in the physical. Dr. Wise’s work on the evaluation of emotional responses by stimuli in mobile devices, while participants were in motion or still, sheds a light on the potential impact of movement to the cognitive and emotional responses to stimuli and inform scholars in the field of advertisement as well as other fields. His session was very informative, and I was able to identify many relevant findings that could have significant impact in my field of teaching and learning.” 

At the University of Illinois, Dr. Wise teaches Advertising Research Methods, and he received his PhD from Stanford University.  He is the Chair of the Information Systems Division of ICA, and serves on the editorial review boards of Media Psychology and the Journal of Interactive Advertising.  

Temerlin Advertising Institute was honored to host Dr. Wise for a lecture on his research. TAI is passionate about staying informed on all current topics in the advertising industry, hosting guest speakers periodically throughout the year.

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