TAI Faculty Named Judge for Ethics Awards Program

Dr. Carrie La Ferle, Professor of Advertising for the Temerlin Advertising Institute, has been selected as a judge for the upcoming Greater Dallas Business Ethics Awards Program 2016. The selection of judges is based on demonstration and commitment to ethical practices, and include accomplished professionals representing the business, academic, public service, and consulting communities. Read her thoughts on being selected as a judge below:


“I am honored to participate as a judge in the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Awards. It is very rewarding to see businesses wanting to be more and do more for their employees, business associates, customers and the community at large. The companies that compete for this award are working to put integrity in business first, treating people as having value and not as a means to an end while also growing their businesses through trust and long term relationships. It is exciting to be a member of a city where ethics and integrity are on the hearts and minds of many of the businesses working to shape our economy and our communities.”


The Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award was founded in 2000 and honors Dallas-based companies that demonstrate a measurable commitment to ethical business practices in everyday operations, management philosophies and responses to crises or challenges.   The purpose of the GDBEA is to hold those businesses up as examples and provide guidance and support to companies that wish to improve their ability to operate ethically and ensure ethics are an integral part of their culture.

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