Read about an Executive Internship from our TAI Second Year MA Student, David Drown

In the final semester of the Temerlin Advertising Institute’s MA in Advertising program, students work in an executive internship with a Dallas agency. Read David’s story below!

David Drown – Slingshot










Right now I’m working over at Slingshot as a copywriting intern — or as they call it, a Slingtern. My days have been pretty busy lately, but in that good “I enjoy the challenge” kind of way. I’ve been able to hop around a lot and try my hand at writing for many different accounts. Some of the accounts that I work more frequently on include Texas Tourism, Taco Bueno, American Home Shield, and Lexol Leather Cleaner. I even recently got the chance to work on location and hand model for a few upcoming Lexol spots. It’s been a great place to work so far, and the people are very in tune with one another — it’s like a big, comfortable family where you’re taught to never take yourself too seriously. I look forward to each day because I know there’s a good chance I’ll learn something entirely new about the advertising business or even myself.

Check back soon for  updates from other students and their MA in Advertising Executive Internships!

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