Scholarship for Student Teachers in Social Studies

For Student Teachers of Social Studies
The Ann Rogers scholarship is funded by the Texas Social Studies Supervisors Association, a non-profit, tax-exempt entity chartered under the laws of the State of Texas. The scholarship was created to provide scholarship funds for student teachers completing his/her student teaching in social studies in the state of Texas. This $1000.00 scholarship will be paid directly to the student teacher after official proof of registration is shown.
Ann Rogers was the Director of Social Studies for the Texas Education Agency for ten years. She spent her years in that position championing the needs of social studies teachers across the state of Texas. She has encouraged and enabled the excellence of social studies instruction in the state of Texas and has guided the writing and implementation of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. This scholarship was created to honor Ann Rogers and her vision in the teaching of social studies in Texas.
Full Name: (Mr., Mrs., Ms.)
Permanent Address:
City/State/Zip Code: _______________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ___________________________________ Date of Birth: ___________________
Current University Name: ___________________________________________________________
University Address: _______________________________________________________________
GPA for University Work: ______________________ Maximum Possible for GPA: ____________
Dates of Student Teaching Assignment: Beginning: ______________ Ending: ________________
City and School of your student teaching: ______________________________________________
Grade(s) you will be teaching; _______________________________________________________
Subjects you will be teaching; ________________________________________________________
Social Security #: ______ – ______- ___________
I. Complete both pages of the application.
II. On a separate page, respond to each of the following questions in paragraph form.
a. Why did you enter the field of teaching?
b. Why did you choose social studies as your content area?
c. What are your goals as a teacher?
III. Enclose an official copy of your university transcript. Your application will not be considered without an official copy of your transcript.
IV. Request that your cooperating teacher or a professor in your teaching field (social studies) write a letter of recommendation in support of your receiving this scholarship. The teacher or professor should include his/her teaching position and an address for the school and a telephone number. Applications without a letter of recommendation will not be considered.
V. Application and supporting documents must be postmarked by January 22, 2016.

Please continue with second page of application


List on this page the names of all organizations, societies, and/or clubs you have been, or are presently a member of, during your college career. Also, include any volunteer work, community service, leadership positions, or special recognitions you have received. If you worked during college, please include the dates of employment and the number of hours you worked per week.

School Organization and
Club Memberships Community Organizations and
Services Honors and Awards Received in College
Leadership Positions Held Work Experience (include dates of employment and hours worked per week) Additional information you would like to share

Electronic form available at
Application and supporting documents must be postmarked by January 22, 2016.
Mail to:
Amy Mount
Social Studies Coordinator
Curriculum and Instructional Department
Garland ISD
501 S. Jupiter Road
Garland TX 75042

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