PART TIME AVID Instructors- Richland Collegiate High School

Richland Collegiate High School looking for AVID III (juniors) and AVID IV (seniors) instructor positions.

As a refresher, AVID III focuses on college prep and career research. We use the AVID strategies for note-taking, time management, and organization in order for students to be successful in their college courses. They carry a physical bright green binder, keep an agenda, and are required to take Cornell notes.

AVID IV, for seniors, begins to relax the requirements for binders and Cornell notes, instead focusing on the progression from high school to the student’s junior year of college. Our seniors focus on college admissions, starting with revising their resumes and writing their college admissions essays and applications, then moving into applying for financial aid (FAFSA/TASFA) and scholarships.

Contact with your Resume if interested:
Cynthia Devaney
AVID IV Coordinator

12800 Abrams Road
Dallas, TX. 75243
RCHS Office: 972-761-6888
Office: 972-761-6842

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