Part time nanny for two 6 month olds

Part time nanny for two 6 month olds

Days: Every Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday

Hours: 7:30 am-5:30 pm
Location: Richardson

Pay: $16/hour for both babies, $12/hour when only one baby

Description: Basic care for two infants including feeding (bottles and baby food), playing and interacting during awake times, changing diapers, etc.

*must be ok with two dogs, both families have sweet friendly dogs!

Contact: Mary Van Meter,

WINFREE ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL-Lewisville- Math Teaching Position

Unlike some charters, Winfree is a stable organization and has grown to six campus in the DFW area with over 7000 graduates.

Also unlike other charters, we focus on Content Recover – many of our students are behind and are trying to catch up or graduate early.

Winfree Academy’s teacher responsibilities are primarily divided between rotating through classrooms assisting students as they work on assignments, and pulling targeted groups of students  – typically two times a week – for a traditional lesson (“Focused Instruction”) over key concepts. Teachers are responsible for all classes in their subject area for all grades, but the online curriculum means teachers do not create the online lessons.

Some of things that makes Winfree a great choice for starting teachers are:

  • Much of the day to day grading is done by the computer software that has built-in quizzes and tests.
  • Teachers do create lesson plans for Focused Instruction, but there are not multiple lesson plans every day of the week.
  • Because of the school size, there are minimal significant discipline problems for a high school.
  • It is a very “relational” campus – teachers know every student and have time allotted to support struggling learners. There is strong, mutual support between teachers themselves and teachers and other staff.

Teachers who thrive at Winfree enjoy the flexible environment, the relational connection with students and staff, and the success stories many of which are about turnaround learners.

It is a great place to work, and we have helped many students who have struggled in traditional school settings. Here is a short video about a graduate and her Winfree experience. Here is another video of an older student who came back to finish school with us. Here is some information we share with families about why Winfree is a great place for students.


Interested candidates should apply through

or Contact

David Stubblefield, Ph.D.


Winfree Academy – Lewisville

341 Bennett Lane

Lewisville, Texas 75057