Tutor and/or camp counselor needed over Summer for 4th grade son

Mom located in Plano/Richardson area looking for a student who needs hours to work with a boy going into 4th grade over the summer so he does not lose progress.

Will have to work out timing, unless willing to do a background screening at the camp and can work on location at camp he is attending.

Willing to pay an hourly rate commiserate with other student workers.

Mom’s name is Julie and can be reached at 214-535-7835.

Patient and positive Tutor needed for summer

I’m looking for a patient and positive person who would be available this summer (and beyond) to meet with my incoming 9th grade daughter, helping her with summer work (and homework during the school year if schedule permits). The areas of tutoring would include guiding her in the summer reading assignment and book report writing, brush up on language arts concepts from 8th grade, and math, specifically fundamentals of Algebra 1. Our daughter is a student at the Winston School – a school for learning different kids. We live in UP, close to Hillcrest/Nortwest Highway area.
If interested, please contact mom, Dorota Baird at 214-334-8952 or dorotabaird@gmail.com