Ways for Children to Discover the Meadows Museum

10679873A museum can seem too quiet, too still for young children, but art should be enjoyed by all ages. That’s why it’s part of the Meadows Museum’s mission to create activities and outreach programs for children and families, creating a place for family entertainment, while teaching children the value of visual art.

Free Gallery Tours

On Thursday nights, the museum opens to the public for free. At 6:30PM, gallery hosts conduct free tours of the museum, and children are encouraged to get involved in the discussion. Bring the entire family and learn all about the museum’s collection. The museum has also made the galleries accessible to those with low vision. Guides are specifically trained to help guests who may have difficulty seeing the art but wish to experience the collection through multi-sensory activities.

Special Resources for Teachers

Local teachers are encouraged to take advantage of the Meadows’ teacher workshops. These classes offer guidance in the most effective methods for instructing children about the museum’s unique collection of Spanish art. Educators can exchange teaching techniques and ideas for meeting the challenges of bringing visual art into the classroom. Additionally, teachers receive materials and images from the collection so they can incorporate the art into their lesson plans.

Online Resources

Preparing for your visit online can help museum tours go more smoothly for families and field trip groups. Get familiar with the portraits in the collection by downloading free materials from the museum’s website. Self-guided materials are also available online for sculpture and old master paintings from the late 15th and early 16th centuries. This way, you can have information about what you’ll be seeing ahead of time.

By participating in the museum’s special outreach programs and activities, you can discover a whole new world of visual art and gain a new appreciation for the Meadows collection.

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