The Art of Being a Foodie

Museums are not just for art anymore.  They have become centers for social interaction, fabulous events, retail therapy and my personal favorite, fine food and wine.  The Meadows is no exception to this trend, hosting exhibition previews with delectable hors d’oeuvres, desserts and specially selected wine.  We have also hosted private, five-course dinner events with area chefs that sold out in record time.

Last month we presented a special tasting of wines from La Mancha which celebrated the closing of the tapestry exhibition.  An exclusive seminar was led by renowned wine expert and educator Michael Green, followed by a grand tasting of D.O. La Mancha wines from 15 wineries from around the region.  Free to members, this was a fabulous way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Guests mingled and munched on regional cheeses and meats as they sipped and soaked in the ambiance.  Everything from “knock your socks off” Syrah to delicious dessert wines made it difficult for revelers to depart.

Yes, as the Membership Manager, I must point out that these sort of events have to be some of the best entertainment values in town!  Also, after so many wonderful “foodie experiences” here at the Meadows I have to wonder, does the gorgeous backdrop here make things tastier?  My guess is a wholehearted yes!

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