John Angle

During John Angle’s sophomore year in high school, he came to tour SMU because he wanted a mid-sized school in a city. He immediately fell in love with the beautiful campus, friendly people, strong academics and great quality of life.

Because of SMU’s scholarship fund, John decided to attend SMU and he wouldn’t have to worry about the financial stress. He says the gifts to SMU have allowed him “to have a much fuller college experience.” Not only is he a double major in Accounting and History with a minor in Spanish, but he is heavily involved on campus through Student Foundation, Sigma Phi Epsilon, The Union, Delta Sigma Pi, just to name a few. 

The scholarship fund has given John the opportunity to intern in the Office of George W. Bush, attend the first game at the new Cowboys Stadium, meet astronauts, and meet a Supreme Court justice and so many more inspiring people. He says the one person he’s met at SMU who has had the biggest impact on him is his Middle East History Professor, Sabri Ates.   These admirable individuals are the reason John has decided he wants to be a tenured history professor at SMU, the CFO of a Fortune 1000 company, or a US Senator.

He believes that these gifts allow students like him to have the best college experience in the world and attract and high level of talent to both SMU and Dallas. Gifts to the SMU Scholarship Fund make an impact on students like John. Make your gift today at

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  1. Angel says:

    Scholarships change lives! Hope this post encourages people to donate. Thanks. 🙂

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