Think About It: A harm reduction and social responsibility online training program.


Friday, March 8, 2013
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Hughes Trigg Forum

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Think About It:
A harm reduction and social responsibility online training program.

The University of San Francisco has developed an online training program for students and faculty which teaches the importance of harm reduction practices on campus. They worked with over forty focus-groups of students, as well as student designers, videographers, and more, to create the program itself. This is why they think students like it so much better than other online programs.

The course is not the only program. Once students arrive on campus, we are developing the second phase of the program called “Talk About It,” that uses the data we collect from the students to engage them in conversations. For example, about 40% of our students report being sexually active, and of those, 60% have used alcohol while engaging in sexual activity in the past three months. We may want to talk about that. It also has a series of posters that we have for passive programming in the residence halls.

The third and final component is a bystander intervention model called “Do Something About it” which we are slowly developing. The focus of the entire program is to use the online course as a springboard for wide-ranging programming and peer-based interventions.

Some important features:

The course covers 4 areas:
hook-up culture
safer partying
sexual assault and harassment
healthy relationships.

-Given to students in the two weeks prior to their arrival in campus.
-Developing a follow-up “refresher” three and six months after the freshman arrive.
-It is highly interactive and provides about 55 survey questions interspersed throughout the program.
-You can incentivize it any way you like. (We may give the top 25 scorers first choice in housing).
-The course is open for a year, so students can go back to it at any time.
-Administrators can use it for sanctioning.

After the demonstration of the course, we will have an opportunity to discuss with Dr. White the possibility of utilizing this program at SMU.

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