Responding to a Student Death on Campus: Preparing for the Unthinkable


Date/Time: Tuesday, February 14th – 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm
Location: Hughes-Trigg Forum

This past fall proved to be another tough year for some college communities that lost a student unexpectedly. Whether related to physical or mental health challenges, poor decision-making or unexplained circumstances, the loss of any young life is tragic and difficult to prepare for. When the lights of students – our brightest hope – are snuffed out prematurely, it can be devastating.

A part of any responsible campus crises plan must include provisions for dealing with student deaths. Regardless of circumstances, how a campus responds can make all the difference to the immediate family impacted and the campus community in mourning.

Community and individual reactions will be varied and will elicit a wide range of responses. The institution needs to be fully prepared to deal with a variety of possible tragedies, scenarios and responses.

Whatever the campus response, it must take into account – and respect – the different needs and situations that will arise.

This unique, interactive webinar will take a fresh look at campus preparations for a possible student death. You will have the unique opportunity to explore responses to three different fatality cases that involved students – real world tragedies with real background on how institutions dealt with these situations.

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