Records & Reports: Virginia Tech Records & Reports on the NIU Shootings

Date: Thursday, October 8, 2009
Time: 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm CST
Location: Hughes-Trigg Forum
Please RSVP to to reserve your seat before October 7th.

The recent release of records in the Cho Seung-Hui shooting at Virginia Tech., along with a report offering details in the Northern Illinois University shooting and the release of a report by the National Campus Safety and Security Project offers campus administrators a unique opportunity.

These reports give campus officials a chance to gain new insights into the events which ended in the country’s deadliest shooting. Additionally the report in the N.I.U. incident offers some clear recommendations in dealing with campus emergencies and how best to respond to these tragedies while working with emergency service personal.

The reports – collectively and individually – offer useful information for campus officials to consider as we begin a new year on campus.

Take the time to learn from these tragic events. Join a unique webinar where two expert panelists will guide you and your team through 10 key lessons that can be drawn from these important reports:

Top 10 Lessons Learned that the presenters will address:

  1. Helping counseling centers understand the importance of what to include in clinical documentation, threat assessment and third party record requests.

  2. Understanding the nature of email communication and how to use to a departments advantage rather than its detriment.

  3. Understanding the details of a pre-psychiatric admission screening in terms of mental status exams, suicide assessment, toxicology, medical summaries and past narrative.

  4. The nature of prevention vs. response in terms of campus violence.

  5. Understanding who is involved in Emergency Preparedness plans and which departmental positions take leadership roles. Campus differences in armed and unarmed police over 4 year public/private and 2 year public schools.

  6. How schools utilize emergency broadcast systems, behavioral assessment teams and how schools communicate with parents, spouses, faculty, staff, and students during and after an emergency.

  7. Discussion of the recommendations from the 342 school report by the National Campus Safety and Security Project Survey. These include: dedicated emergency response leadership, ensuring complete campus coverage in communication, review of access cards and exterior cameras and developing mutual aid agreements.

  8. Review of differences between Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University shooters.

  9. Public Affairs suggestions on how to respond following a campus shooting including: developing a plan, treating media as partners, reach out and accept help, keep key stakeholders informed and having backups for all key positions.

  10. Identifying stakeholders in need of future support in terms of families, students, counseling students, CISD for professional responders and developing long-term support following the tragedy (review of V-tech and NIU offices of support and advocacy)

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