The Amethyst Initiative Debate: Rethinking The Drinking Age

Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Time: 12-1:00 pm CST (bring your lunch)
Location: Junkins Building (Bobby Lyle School of Engineering), Room 110
Contact: Troy Behrens at

From the moment it was introduced last summer, the Amethyst Initiative has inspired passionate debate and discussion about what the legal drinking age should be.

This is a subject like none other. University leaders have long struggled with the knowledge that students engage in risky alcohol-related behaviors. If there were a simple solution to the problem, it would already be in place on every campus, nationwide. While no single policy or program leads to success or failure, there are contributing factors that warrant discussion. One of these factors is the current legal drinking age of 21. The Amethyst Initiative calls for a discussion of the merits and flaws of the current policy.

Who should attend:

  • Student affairs professionals
  • Leadership program coordinators
  • Faculty advisors
  • Hall directors
  • Student organization advisors

Graduate and undergraduate students with coordinating roles

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