Mentoring young debaters

An update from Anthony, a senior majoring in political science and communication studies: Throughout my time at SMU, I have been very involved in the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance (DUDA). DUDA is a nonprofit organization that sets up debate programs at schools in lower-income areas in Dallas ISD. The organization gives debate coaches the tools they need to run a successful debate program, while also giving college debate students an opportunity to help coach the students of these schools. DUDA is needed because many schools have well-established and well-funded programs that many lower-income schools cannot compete with. The organization hosts tournaments between the DUDA schools so the students will be able to compete with other students at their level. Once [...]

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Working to end human trafficking

An update from Jessica, who graduated with a degree in human rights in May: During spring 2013, I completed the vast majority of my service hours at Mosaic Family Services. It’s a domestic violence and human trafficking shelter for women and children. I came to volunteer at the shelter through Dr. Halperin’s Human Rights class, where it is required that we do 20 hours of community service. I chose to volunteer at Mosaic because I am interested in working in women and children’s issues, in particular human trafficking with an emphasis on child sex trafficking. I came to learn about these issues my freshman year of high school when I read a book about the horrors of child sex trafficking. [...]

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Communicating across cultures

An update from Lisa, a junior studying elementary education: During spring 2013 I spent a lot of time in SMU's English as a Second Language class communicating with students whose first language is not English. I volunteered in two classes. One class was for learning pronunciation and one was for practicing communication skills. I met students from China, North Korea, Thailand, and Ukraine. In the pronunciation class, I learned about the phonetic alphabet. This alphabet enables the teacher to show the students how to pronounce certain English words without knowing their native language. Because I am a native English speaker, I had taken for granted how easy pronunciation of the English language was for me. After watching the students who had not [...]

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Growing a community

An update from Camille, a senior majoring in dance performance: It’s amazing how community service really does grow a community of both the people serving together and those who are being served. The more I serve alongside my fellow SMUSHies, the more I get to know them, respect them, and appreciate their ambitions. I found that people really do enjoy serving others when they take the initiative to take care of others' needs even at their own inconvenience. Through living with others who cheerfully serve other people, the positive energy and kind hearts of my fellow SMUSHies make me want to be a better person, serve, and grow in community with them more. This is the best way to bond [...]

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To be heard and understood

An update from Essette, who earned a degree in human rights in May: Living in the Service House has helped reinforce my commitment to community service because I’m constantly surrounded by people who have a drive to help others. When you are with people who desire to impact the world, it inspires your own dreams of making a difference, even in the smallest of ways. I’ve loved hearing about all of my housemates’ experiences; their passion for service is both moving and admirable. During the spring 2013 semester, I spent a lot of time volunteering at a Dallas nursing home. While I initially assumed that this would not be the most exciting of services, after the first day I knew [...]

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