On Planet Taos

During summer 2012, communication studies students in the Meadows School of the Arts are at SMU-in-Taos, where they are studying nonprofit management and working as interns at nonprofit organizations in the city of Taos. Students will focus on issues involving the environment, the arts, public radio and TV, and nonprofit community outreach.

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First impressions

Jewel is a sophomore majoring in biology and environmental science in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. A member of the University Honors Program, she is the recipient of the SMU Founders Scholarship and Dedman College Scholarship. During summer 2012, she also received a Richter Fellowship to conduct research at SMU-in-Taos, where she will update "A Guide to the Trees of the Navajo Country," a 1940 bulletin written to teach Navajo students to manage and identify the trees in their area. She is using a variety of resources to update locations, scientific names, Navajo medicinal uses and other characteristics of the trees.

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Hello, nature!

Samantha is a senior majoring in biology in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. A member of the University Honors Program, she received a Richter Fellowship for summer 2012 to conduct research at SMU-in-Taos. She is investigating the frequency of ectoparasites in specific habitats by collecting them off deer mice. She expects to find ticks, mites, fleas, botflies and more, and will document which parasites are near rivers, woodlands and deserts. With this information she plans to inform residents and visitors of Taos how to stay parasite free and avoid possible transmission of diseases.

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The view from 35,000 feet

Dylan is a senior Hunt Leadership Scholar and David and Carolyn Miller Scholar. A member of the University Honors Program, he is majoring in English with a specialization in creative writing in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. He was named a Richter Fellow for summer 2012, when he will be working on his first novel at SMU-in-Taos.

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An eventful Saturday

An update from Mark, a junior majoring in advertising and markets and culture: After a wild night of karaoke at Applebee's the night before, my classmates and I drove to the most photographed church in the United States: San Francisco de Asis. The church was made famous by Georgia O'Keeffe for her paintings and photos of the site. The San Francisco de Asis Church is made of adobe. The inside is beautiful, and the art inside truly represents a classic Spanish Catholic church. Each year the adobe structure has to be re-mudded to keep the foundation of the church strong. After a hard day of work re-mudding, I felt like I had somewhat mastered the art of mudding and could [...]

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The Taos way of life

Six students from Corporate Communications and Public Affairs in will serve as communications interns at nonprofit organizations in Taos, NM this summer. By day, students will work with national and regional organizations, including Habitat for Humanity and The Harwood Museum; addressing issues from at-risk youth and the environment to housing and the arts. By night, they will attend classes at the SMU-in-Taos campus. Additionally, students will serve as marketing and event volunteers for the annual Taos Solar Music Festival.

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History and hiking lessons

Udoka is a senior majoring in mathematics and philosophy in Dedman College, and engineering management, information and systems in the Lyle School of Engineering. In May 2010, the University and Engineering Scholar is studying at SMU-in-Taos, where she's taking a course on North American environmental history.

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The Taos experience

Lauren is a sophomore participating in the first fall term at SMU’s campus at Fort Burgwin in New Mexico. A recipient of the University Scholar and Rotunda Award scholarships, she is taking courses including geology and engaged in service-learning at Taos.

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