5 Tips for a Successful Semester Abroad

Olivia is a senior Hunt Scholar majoring in Film and Media Arts, English and Spanish. She studied abroad with SMU-in-Paris and SMU-in-Oxford during summer 2012, followed by a fall semester in Madrid with the SMU-in-Spain program. Her love for travel took her abroad again in the summer of 2013, during which she worked in London for three months. As she prepares to graduate, Olivia is pursuing academic and employment opportunities abroad.

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Colby is a junior majoring in business marketing in the Cox School of Business, with minors in art history and photography in Meadows School of the Arts. In fall 2010 she is participating in SMU-in-Paris, where she plans to study art history, French culture and photography. She's eager to get lost in the streets of Paris, explore the suburbs and countryside, relax at local cafes, witness beautiful masterpieces, indulge in LOTS of cheese and bread, couture window-shop her heart out and snap thousands of memories.

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Arrival in Paris

Rachel, a senior President’s Scholar majoring in political science and foreign languages in Dedman College, with a minor in English, is spending spring break 2010 doing research in Paris. She plans to study French slang by conducting interviews with speakers of “Verlan,” a language game involving word inversion.

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Bonjour from Paris

Jason is a junior majoring in music composition in Meadows School of the Arts and the recipient of a Meadows Artistic Scholarship. In Fall 2009 he is participating in SMU-in-Paris, where he intends to study the past and present culture. As a music and history student, he intends to pay close attention to the contemporary musical scene, the waves of cinematic history in France and the 17th and 20th century political history of France.

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Beautiful Paris

Meleah, a senior markets and culture major, with a psychology minor in Dedman College, is spending Summer 2009 in France with SMU-in-Paris. She will be taking history courses and is looking forward to exploring Europe on the weekends, before graduating from SMU in August.

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Here we go again

James, a French and history double major, is returning to France in Spring 2009 for his second semester abroad. He is hoping to reconnect with old friends and his French family while working on his language and culture skills in preparation for graduation and a master's degree program.

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