On the Road Again

I look back and there fading in the distance is the SMU-In-Taos campus. I look at the rearview mirror and the campus becomes smaller and smaller until it finally fades in the distance. While I made unforgettable moments in Taos and feel a twinge of sadness that I am leaving, I am reminded that in just a few days I will be flying out to Guatemala to complete my Engaged Learning Research! I have completed all my preliminary research, including my interview questions and have all my recording equipment ready. I cannot believe that every time I speak to an individual about my research, it seems that they have some connection to Guatemala as well. For example, at the Engaged [...]

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Time has passed by so quickly that I cannot believe I have spent a month in Taos. I have had the most wonderful time in Taos and I am so glad I decided to come and complete my research here. The landscape is always breathtakingly beautiful and the weather is just lovely. Albeit, the last week I was here it was quite warm but even that could not make me regret coming to Taos. I sit here in my room looking around and realizing that I have so much to pack! Did I really bring all these clothes or buy all these souvenirs from here? Or better yet, am I really bringing all these plants and rocks back to Dallas? [...]

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The finish line

As my time in Taos grows closer to the end finally I can see the finish line. When I first arrived on campus, the finish line seemed so far in the distance that I thought it would take forever to approach it. However, as the month has passed by, I have moved closer and closer to the line. Just this weekend I began working on my final research paper for Parasitology. Little did I know that I would write and complete it in the same day! Since I have just finished my final paper for my parasitology class, all that is left for me to review the edits and make the appropriate changes. My research paper is entitled: Habitat correlates with [...]

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Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate

Just this past week Laura, Vanessa and I went shopping at Taos Plaza. I must admit I had a hard time controlling myself from buying everything I saw. I tend to get easily distracted with shiny objects and jewelry. In the Taos Plaza there were many stores that showcased Native American jewelry with beautiful stones imbedded in the art. Initially, when we arrived to the Plaza after lunch we said to ourselves that we would only be in town for about an hour and then head back to campus. However, nearly 3 hours later we were still shopping and putting more quarters in the parking meter to stay longer! From art galleries, to clothing stores, to observing native american art [...]

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On to Mordor!

One of my favorite movie trilogies to watch is Lord of the Rings. In the film, The Fellowship of the Ring, there is a scene where the Fellowship, who accompanying Frodo to the land of Mordor cross through the Misty Mountains. While watching the movie, I have always pondered how hard it must be to climb a mountain.  Well, today I happened to experience this feeling first-hand, albeit, there was no snow on our hike. As part of our field trip we climbed up to William’s Lake in the Taos Ski Valley. Now, while our class had completed other hikes as part of field trips, I must say that this hike, truly, was a challenge. From where we stationed the [...]

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Mice, Chipmunks and Rattlesnakes…Oh My!

When I initially attended orientation for SMU-in-Taos, I was in awe with the beauty of the pictures that showed the landscape of the country. The mountains, trees, forest and sunset was absolutely beautiful. Even the wildlife is amazing, from beaver, to mice, chipmunks and yes, rattlesnakes. Just last week, I was able to see my very own rattlesnake! The snake was almost two feet long and was just beautiful. The campus has a policy where if a rattlesnake is seen, it is captured and then relocated to another area away from campus. I must admit that when I first saw the rattlesnake, I thought it was just a log or a twig...that was until I heard the distinct rattle... No [...]

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Somebody you used to know?

As part of the Parasitology course, Dr. Ubelaker takes us on the most amazing field trips ever. While the field trip location is astonishing, the most fun we have is on the car ride. Just this past field trip, Vanessa, Jewel, Laura and I decided to sing Gotye's Somebody that I used to know. Both Daniel and Tom listened to our singing up until the next song on the radio came on and they decided that their iPods had much better music. I cannot say that I blame them. Apparently, since we have been here in Taos, Vanessa, Laura and I have been able to find a total of 3 radio stations that are okay to listen to. Each radio [...]

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Smarty Plants

On Wednesday, Dr. Ubelaker took me and a few other students (Vanessa and Laura) to the New Mexico Native Plant Society Meeting. Initially when we arrived with Dr. Ubelaker at the convention center, we could not find the meeting, but luckily after walking around for a bit we were able to find the right room. Once Vanessa, Laura and I found the room, we decided to walk around the convention center and take photographs. There were various statues around the center, that served as excellent photographic opportunities, such as a flock of birds flying in the air, and sign posts designating which way to go. We all were having so much fun that we were almost late to the start [...]

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Fleas, ticks and parasites: Taos in June

I first decided to study at the SMU-in-Taos campus during the spring. I remember seeing so much information on the classes that were offered and the overall environment. Upon arriving at Taos I could hardly believe how beautiful the land is. There are trees everywhere, and the weather is absolutely amazing! The only downside I can seem to even think of would be the bugs. It seems that since I am becoming very in touch with nature, the bugs want to be my friends as well. However, not even the mosquitoes can annoy me and cause me to leave this wonderful atmosphere. I am currently enrolled in Parasitology here at Taos.  Under the supervision of Dr. John Ubelaker, my partner [...]

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Preparing for my journey to Central America

Kimberly is a junior double major in biological sciences and chemistry in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. As part of SMU Engaged Learning, she is conducting an Unbridled Project in Guatemala during 2012-13. She plans to research health-related traditions, beliefs and practices in the indigenous Mayan community and evaluate how these values and beliefs occasionally clash with Western medicine.

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