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Getting settled in Australia

Rachel is a junior majoring in management science in the Lyle School of Engineering, with a minor in business administration in the Cox School of Business. During spring 2013, she is studying in Perth with SMU-in-Australia and is looking forward to exploring the country.

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It Begins…

In May 2012, four groups of students are traveling to Europe (Frankfurt, Bratislava), Asia (Tokyo, Shanghai), China (Xian, Shanghai) and Latin America (Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo) with the American Airlines Global Leadership Program at the Cox School of Business.

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Hello, Las Vegas

Trigg is a senior President's Scholar majoring in business at the Cox School of Business and theatre at Meadows School of the Arts (a combination he likes to call "Show Business"). He is the featured magician in a new Las Vegas magic show called the "Vegas Magic Theatre" January 12-15 at the Gold Coast Casino.

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La Vida Ecua

Hannah is a junior President's Scholar majoring in political science in Dedman College and accounting in the Cox School, with a minor in Spanish. In spring 2012, she is in Quito, Ecuador, with BCA and SMU Abroad to study international politics, economic development, and social justice in Latin America.

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Hong Kong, the fragrant harbor

Dean is a University Scholar and a senior accounting major in the Cox School of Business. In summer 2011, he is traveling to Hong Kong with the SMU-in-China Business program to get a firsthand look at modern China's unique culture and business practices. He says he also plans to do some touring (and attempt to get by without knowing a single word of Chinese ...)

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The beginning

Jessica is a senior majoring in marketing in the Cox School of Business. During summer and fall 2011, Jessica is studying abroad with SMU-in-Australia. She's eager to learn about new cultures, meet new people and experience life outside the United States.

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Arrival in Hong Kong

In July 2011, nine BBA students are participating in the SMU-in-China: Business program at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), in partnership with the Cox School of Business Global Programs Office and SMU Abroad. SMU-in-China: Business is a four-week residential program that introduces students to China's contemporary economic, political and business environment. The program focuses on business management in the context of Chinese culture and values.

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