Diary of an FIR: The Silent Disco, Part I

An update from Ann Batenburg, Faculty in Residence (FiR) for the Virginia-Snider Residential Commons: August 28, 2013 It’s been a big day. All of you over the age of 40 will be relieved to know that the Electric Slide is alive and well. I know this because I went to the Silent Disco tonight. All of you under the age of 40 will not comprehend my next statement: Horror of horrors, after years of a not-entirely-silent protest against it, I am now on Facebook. (And blogging, for heaven’s sake. When I announced these things to my best friend, Edmond, his response was, “Who are you?”) Seeking to use this new social networking tool (Well, it’s new to me, isn’t it?), I [...]