Celebrating honesty in dance

An update from Kelsey, a junior dance major in Meadows School of the Arts:  What is a dance major doing on a human rights trip to Perth, Australia? On day five of our trip, after a long day of lectures, I realized my connection to human rights was more pertinent than I could ever imagine. The day began with Dr. Jude Comfort’s lecture on “Using a Human Rights Lens on LGBTI Issues.” I learned a lot about the history, terminology, and stigma surrounding the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex community; however, what really resonated with me was Dr. Comfort’s story about Larry and his lens on the issue. Because I'm an artist, people often ask me, “So you know [...]

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Getting settled in Australia

Rachel is a junior majoring in management science in the Lyle School of Engineering, with a minor in business administration in the Cox School of Business. During spring 2013, she is studying in Perth with SMU-in-Australia and is looking forward to exploring the country.

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Christmas in summer

Andrew is a junior President's Scholar majoring in biology and geology in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. During fall 2011, he is studying abroad with SMU-in-Australia, where he's immersing himself in a new culture. As a biology and geology major, he says, he knew that Australia would offer many opportunities to explore natural formations and ecosystems that are unique to the region.

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The beginning

Jessica is a senior majoring in marketing in the Cox School of Business. During summer and fall 2011, Jessica is studying abroad with SMU-in-Australia. She's eager to learn about new cultures, meet new people and experience life outside the United States.

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Fun and learning in Asia, Part 1

Chris is majoring in business in SMU’s Cox School of Business. During spring 2011, he is participating in SMU-in-Australia, where he will study at Curtin University in Perth, in western Australia. During the first three weeks of the term, the group takes an Asian study tour to Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

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G’Day Mate!

Stephen is a junior majoring in finance and political science. In Australia, he will be studying at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, where he will work on an international community service project in addition to taking courses.

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Goodbye, China

Sierra, a senior majoring in marketing and member of SMU’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams, is participating this summer in SMU-in-Australia-and-Asia. The group will spend three weeks traveling in China to cities including Shanghai and Beijing, and then will spend three weeks in Western Australia.

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