Roza, Copenhagen

Roza is a senior Hunt Scholar, Mustang Scholar and member of the University Honors Program. She is majoring in communication studies in Meadows School of the Arts and political science in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. In fall 2012, she is studying abroad with SMU-in-Copenhagen.

Travels to Spain and Italy

At Park Guell If my time in Copenhagen has taught me anything, it is the value of experiential learning.  Here at DIS, Europe truly is our classroom; two weeks after my trip to Kosovo and Vienna, I traveled with several friends, two of whom attend SMU. For our second travel break we visited Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and Milan. I had never been to Spain or Italy, so I went in without any expectations.  The week was definitely well spent - full of fun and cultural immersions, but tiring. In Barcelona we got to eat some tapas, see La Sagrada Familia (after waiting in line for nearly an hour), visit Park Guell as well as some touristy areas in the city. It [...]

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Class trip to Kosovo

I am way overdue on my blog updates, so I will try my best to catch up my readers on the past two months. Since my semester will be ending in about two weeks, I figured it’s either now or never. Posing for a picture at Mitrovica: on the other side of the rocks lies Serbia, where many Kosovo Albanians have never been. My last blog indicated my pending trip to Kosovo, so I will start out by discussing my experience there.  Last semester while doing the International Law and Organizations Program at American University, I was introduced to the situation in Kosovo from an international law perspective. Back then, Kosovo to me was nothing more than the discussion [...]

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Connecting to the Danish culture

My housemate and I in the city It has been quite a while since my last blog, so I thought I should give a brief update. As the days go by, my time in Copenhagen only continues to get better. I got involved in a few activities that I have come to really enjoy. DIS encourages students to join immersion activities to become more connected to the Danish culture. I am part of the visiting family program and buddy network. The visiting family program connects interested DIS students who are not living with a host family to a Danish family they can regularly visit. Last week I went to visit my family with another DIS student, since two [...]

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Lessons in pirates and history

Naval Military Police with weapons confiscated from pirates. Immediately after I got back from my trip to Hamburg, I repacked and got on a bus to head to Western Denmark with my classmates. This week at DIS is core course week —students travel to some part of Denmark with their core class. As I mentioned in my earlier blog, core classes are related to the various programs in which student enroll. Since I am enrolled in the Justice & Human Rights program, this meant I get to spend a whole week with my Humanitarian Law and Armed Conflict classmates and professors. Although the week is not over yet, the past four days have been quite enjoyable. There is [...]

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Face to face with genocide

My professor speaking at Neuengamme concentration camp This past weekend I spent time in Hamburg, Germany, with my Holocaust and Genocide class. In Hamburg we got to immerse ourselves in a little bit of Holocaust history by visiting the Bullenhuser Damm School as well as Neuengamme Concentration Camp. I can’t think of a better time to visit these places after just spending my summer learning about these sites in Dr. Halperin’s human rights class. It is one thing to sit in the classroom and hear the horrifying statistics of the number of individuals killed at these sites, but to touch the buildings and have a moment to reflect brings the issue even closer than I could have ever [...]

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Old and new friends

I spent my first Saturday in Copenhagen, and it was quite nice. In the afternoon I had to go to immigration services with several DIS students since we have to apply for a visa to stay for four months. After I got immigration out of the way, I met up with one of my friends from home. We both went to high school together, and she is a junior at Yale now. She is here doing a program on security at the University of Copenhagen, so we planned to get dinner and catch up. A couple of my other friends also joined us, so we ended up going to dinner with several girls. The food was delicious, and I enjoyed [...]

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