Monica in Oxford

Monica is a Hunt Scholar majoring in business in Cox School of Business and communication studies in Meadows School of the Arts. During summer 2013, she is participating in SMU-in-Oxford, where she’s looking forward to delving into the diplomacy of historical European empires in her courses and to traveling on weekends and with her class.

Biking in Berlin

At the Brandenburg Gate On the first day of summer school I was sitting in my classroom in Oxford, half a world away from home in St. Louis, Missouri. Before getting into our material on European diplomacy, my professor made a point to recommend visiting Berlin. Heeding his advice, a few friends and I would embark on an adventure there a few weeks later. Aside from historical implications of Germany, such as Bismarck's unification and the more sinister era under the Nazi regime, I knew little about Germany, and even less about Berlin. The major reference in my mind was when Indiana Jones says to his father, "We have half the German army on our tail and you want me [...]

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Living history at Oxford

SMU-in-Oxford at High Table Oxford is certainly not like any college I've ever been to. On the first day I was dropped off in the middle of a bustling little town composed of boutiques, pubs, coffee shops, and elaborate churches. The buildings quite literally line the street, which are rarely split by alleyways. Double-decker buses and bikes further characterize the disorganized and chaotic sidewalks. Our college, University College, was not indicated by a particular building but rather by a fairly inconspicuous door on a stone wall by the street. It was not until I entered through the passage into a courtyard that I could finally see University College with its green space and winding staircases. Each morning of [...]

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