Mayra, France and Spain

Mayra is a senior majoring in Spanish in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. The recipient of a Gilman International Scholarship, she is participating during summer 2012 in SMU-in-South of France and in SMU-in-Madrid.

No lo puedo creer…..

La clase de "El Quijote" con los molinos de viento. I cannot believe that my summer abroad programs are ending. The cliché "time flies when you are having fun" becomes not only a cliché, but a reality. We are finishing classes, studying for finals, finishing essays, last-minute shopping, going one more time to this place to eat an empanada, or going back to a museum because I have to see one more time this or that painting.  We look at each other with sad faces, knowing that we have to go back home, but we are not ready; there is still too much to see and learn. This past weekend we traveled a lot - some of us [...]

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Yo soy español, español, español….

Campeones That was the chant that hundreds of thousands of people were screaming, yelling, singing, and probably just mouthing on Monday evening at La plaza de las Cibeles in downtown Madrid. The soccer team had just won the “Eurocopa 2012,” with a win over Italy of 4-0, so thousands and thousands of fans and some tourists (like myself) were there waiting for the bus that would bring the players. You have to be there to feel and understand the electricity and enthusiasm of everyone, from the little ones to the grandparents - it was spectacular. Maybe some would think that is so trivial, but I believe that you have to live and be part of the life that [...]

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Algunas Tradiciones

There are so many traditions in Spain, it would almost be impossible to learn and understand them all. They vary from region to region, culture to culture and also from generation to generation, but I have been really lucky that during the first two weeks, I have been able to participate in at least two of them. When you are in downtown Madrid, in “La Plaza del Sol,” there is a plaque on the floor that reads “Kilometro 0.” The tradition says that when you step on the plaque with your left foot, then you will be back to Spain. I hope it is true, as Spain is a very beautiful country! This weekend we traveled to Santander; [...]

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¡No pasa nada!

It is one of the mantras that you will hear very often in Madrid – not for its literal meaning of “nothing happens,” but the real translation, which is: “Don’t worry, be happy.” Madrileños live with that attitude. Life in Madrid is wonderful. I am now participating in the SMU-in-Madrid summer program. It is a very intense program focused on Spanish language and culture, while living with a local family, using local transportation, and eating as much local food as possible – and at the same time, obtaining 6 credit hours through your major or minor. That really sounds like a dream come true.   In our first Saturday, we went to El Escorial and El Valle de los [...]

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C’est fini!

It is the last week of the SMU-in-South of France program, and I can’t believe that our time is almost up! Our time to: discover and learn, enjoy and be in awe, stress out and be relaxed. I know that everyone of us in the program wish we had more time, because there are still those little places we were not able to go see, or that extra trip to Nice we would all like to take, so many different experiences we are all going to leave behind. The only sure thing is that when we started 5 weeks ago, it seemed as if we were all going to be somewhat bored and searching for things to do [...]

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Le temps a passé trop vite!

It really goes too fast. We are ready to go to Monaco, our last organized trip within the program (you will read about it in my next blog probably), but for now, let’s get ourselves current with the events from the South of France. It is really challenging that we are learning to juggle homework, study and, at the same time, absorb all of the culture and experience that this side of the planet is offering us, while practicing our French. For a non-native French speaker, there is such joy when you go to a little store or restaurant, or take the bus, and are able to communicate in their language, and every once in a while, they [...]

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C’est incroyable!

Yes, it is incredible that we are at the halfway point; we are getting ready for midterms. We are, of course, still enjoying tremendously our stay in the South of France. This past weekend we went to Nice (to visit another museum) and to Èze. All joking aside, this time we visited the Musée Marc Chagall, which is located north of Vieux Nice (the old town). And we finally have a photo of the group, without me, because I was taking the picture. The museum Marc Chagall contains 17 enormous and fantastic paintings of biblical inspiration, overall from the two first books of the Bible and the Song of Songs. There is also an auditorium where the artist depicts the [...]

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Comment allez-vous?

It is already the 2nd week, and I know all of you are anxiously waiting for my update, so here it goes. We (the students) are realizing that study abroad requires a lot more dedication and stamina than the classes back at home. We have to balance classes, homework, study time, and yes, every once in a while, washing clothes and dishes; all of this in the midst of living in the South of France and everything it has to offer. Tough job, I know, but someone has to do it. This past Saturday we went to three different sites (since we have to write a report about them, I hope this counts!): Antibes, St. Paul-de-Vence and Vence. Antibes is [...]

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