Jessica in Australia

Jessica is a senior majoring in marketing in the Cox School of Business. During summer and fall 2011, Jessica is studying abroad with SMU-in-Australia. She’s eager to learn about new cultures, meet new people and experience life outside the United States.

Springtime in Perth

If you have never smelled the rich, luscious scent of a gardenia you must find a way! A gardenia is a beautiful white flower that grows on a decently hardy bush. It is nice to look at, but smell is what makes this flower incredible. I grew up thinking it only grew in tropical islands. My mother's love of Hawaii is why I discovered them. She stops dead in her tracks every time she comes across one. To my surprise, gardenias grow right in my back yard... literally (well, as literally as you could consider the grounds of my flat's village a yard). After a long rainy, cold winter (one of the worst in a long time according to the [...]

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Catch Up

I know it has been absolutely ages since you have heard from me, but I am getting back into the swing of things. To sum everything up, we had our tuition free week (aka spring break) where I met my parents and brother in Sydney. We spent half our week there then flew to the Gold Coast for the other half. My family flew back to Perth with me and spent the next week here exploring the city and seeing all that my life here is about. They left a few days ago, and now I'm drowning in all the work I put off while they were here. Oh well, it was entirely worth it! I will have to catch you [...]

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Finally Feeling Abroad

I think I just reached the moment where I feel abroad. Yes, I have been here officially for over 2 months now and haven't felt like I'm in America, yet today it really hit me that I'm on the other side of the world. No, a meteor didn't fall out of the sky, or the toilets flush in the other direction. It was something that I didn't think would make me think about culture as much as it already has. I woke up early to meet a group for a project we are working on together. We have only met really one other time outside of class, but while waiting for our third group member I talked with the other girl [...]

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Ok, I finally have some time to tell you about my adventure to Bali! To the people who live in Perth, Bali is a nice weekend getaway. Sounds strange, I know. To most Americans Bali is this exotic island about as far away as imaginable... Eat, Pray, Love style. Early in August, my 5 closest girlfriends here and I decided we wanted in on this vacation destination, so we booked flights for the earliest weekend we could get. By weekend I mean long weekend... as in 5 nights in Bali weekend! It is winter here so it's the perfect time to go north to the islands. The time came, and we were off to Bali, only less than a four [...]

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Australian Slang

Fringe = bangs to skull a drink means to chug vege = short for vegetable bathers = swimsuit keen= as in you are keen to go somewhere, which means you like the idea brekkie= breakfast cab sav= cabernet sauvignon wine chewie= chewing gum to wag school means to ditch/ play hooky sunnies = sunglasses Maccas = Mackers = McDonalds lollies = candies footy= australian rules football I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but this one is my favorite. When Australians talk about someone who is an incredible, wonderful person they say that person is gorgeous, but by saying this they don't mean physically they mean gorgeous on the inside. and yes... I am procrastinating from doing schoolwork.

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I feel like it has been ages since my last post. I'm sorry to disappoint but this is going to be a short one. Unfortunately it is midterm time, and this week and next are going to be crazy! A bit different from SMU's midterms, which consist of many exams. Curtin Uni is busy with homework, papers and group projects due. Just a brief update: I am back from Bali, alive and well. I am lacking a bit on sleep and motivation, but so excited to see my parents and brother in less than two weeks now in Sydney for my spring break. And I have reached the halfway point in my semester. Time has already flown by. Don't get too [...]

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Brooke’s Visit

This has been one of the most fun weekends I've had since I've been here! My friend Brooke from Colorado flew in on Friday night for the week. Friday was just mellow, time to settle in and catch up. We made an awesome dinner, and decided this week will be spent teaching me how to cook. Probably a skill I should have learned before I arrived here. Oh, I forgot to add that during the day on Friday a few of us went back to Cottosloe beach. It was still pretty cool, but we sucked it up and stripped down to our bathers (swimsuits) for only a bit. It was nice to enjoy the sound of the waves and the [...]

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Settling In

  Clearly things have been getting busier around here. I can't believe it has taken me this long to post, and of course it is late at night... seems to be the only time I find free. I had a nice mellow day just catching up on chores around the flat and starting some homework for the week. I think it is finally hitting me that school is back in session. I was very proud of myself though for starting an assignment today that isn't due until Thursday! But I need to get ahead this week because my friend Brooke from home arrives here on Friday. I'm so excited to show her the city. My friends and I have already [...]

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First Week of Uni

I wish you all could have seen me about 30 minutes ago... definition of a drowned rat. I swear, when I left for class this morning it was a beautiful sunny day. It was only slightly raining when I got out of class, but about halfway through my walk home the rain began to pour out of the clouds. By the time I got home I was dripping wet, literally! Unfortunately now that it is raining I no longer want to leave my bed. I should probably make it a "get ahead in school" day, but it may turn out to be a movie day. I was hoping to explore a new part of the city today. Maybe it will [...]

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What an exciting past few days I've had. Gary and the other advisors took us "camping" at Hillary's. Not camping with tents, (keep in mind it is the middle of winter here), but camping like when you were little with a bunch of bunk beds in one room. Obviously no five-star accommodation, but it worked out great for our big group of Americans and the advisors. We arrived there in the afternoon and were given some time to settle in. I was in a room with Mattie, August and Ali and next thing we knew everyone had disappeared and we were the only ones left in the cabin. We decided to find our way to the beach and chose a [...]

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