Human Rights Australia 2013

Fourteen SMU undergraduate and M.L.S. students, as well as professors and staffers, will be in Perth, Australia, August 1-14 for an Embrey Human Rights Program-sponsored study trip. The group will “connect with individuals and communities working for better human rights records pertaining to indigenous populations, treatment of refugees, violence against women, LGBT issues and survivors of torture,” says EHRP Director Rick Halperin, who is leading the trip.

“Where will these people be?”

An update from Aymen, a biology and Spanish major, and human rights minor: A month ago, all I knew about Australia was from what I had seen in movies and read on the Outback Steakhouse menu. After spending 10 days in Perth, I came back with unforgettable memories of exploring the city, taking selfies with kangaroos, being covered head to toe in dirt from crawling through a cave, (struggling) to canoe up a river, and most of all hearing firsthand accounts of Australia’s human rights issues. Upon arriving at Curtin University, we dove headfirst into a hefty list of human rights violations, the first being the issue of refugee/asylum seekers. I wish the previous research I had done on the [...]

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Postcards from Australia

An update from Emily, a junior majoring in human rights in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences: Some of our group in King's Park, overlooking Perth and the Swan River Students who participated in SMU's Civil Rights Pilgrimage beside a photo of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Trinity Church in Perth. Professor Halperin writing the Embrey Human Rights Program's motto, "There's no such thing as a lesser person," in the sand. Simon Forrest, professor of Aboriginal Studies at Curtin University, robed in a kangaroo pelt while performing the "Welcome to Country" ceremony

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Celebrating honesty in dance

An update from Kelsey, a junior dance major in Meadows School of the Arts:  What is a dance major doing on a human rights trip to Perth, Australia? On day five of our trip, after a long day of lectures, I realized my connection to human rights was more pertinent than I could ever imagine. The day began with Dr. Jude Comfort’s lecture on “Using a Human Rights Lens on LGBTI Issues.” I learned a lot about the history, terminology, and stigma surrounding the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex community; however, what really resonated with me was Dr. Comfort’s story about Larry and his lens on the issue. Because I'm an artist, people often ask me, “So you know [...]

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