Hannah, Ecuador

Hannah is a junior President’s Scholar majoring in political science in Dedman College and accounting in the Cox School, with a minor in Spanish. In spring 2012, she is in Quito, Ecuador, with BCA and SMU Abroad to study international politics, economic development, and social justice in Latin America.

Last week in Ecuador

This weekend marked my last “fin de semana” in Ecuador …. cannot believe I will be back in America on THURSDAY!! For one last hoorah, we decided to go to Baños - a city in Ecuador known for its adventure sports. On Saturday we spent the day exploring the city and then took a chiva ride (imagine a big truck with open sides that carries about 30 people) up to the top of the nearby volcano. Sunday morning, I finally got to go puenting. Much to the dismay of my mom, I had been planning on doing this thrilling activity for a while but never seemed to get the courage. Puenting is similar to bungee jumping but [...]

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Sharing s’mores in Ecuador

Last night, a few friends decided to make dinner for one of our host families….the result was a great night of friends, family, and lots of laughs. We made chicken & noodles, cream corn, and mashed potatoes (many thanks to our native Indiana girl for the “soul food” recipes). We also made s’mores - which were completely new to our Ecuadorian friends. Apparently they liked them! Those are the times I’m going to miss the most…not quite ready to leave all these amazing people.      

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Old friends, new encouragement

This past weekend was possibly the highlight of my experience in Ecuador. It was not quite as exciting as a trip to the Galapagos or the Amazon rainforest, but it was definitely an encouraging and beautiful opportunity. Almost three years ago, I came to Ecuador for the first time with my high school youth group to help out with a summer Bible camp in Tena. We stayed at a small jungle camp for the first few days and then made our way to the main location of the ministry – Camp Chacauco in Patate, Ecuador. Those few days in Ecuador and the amazing camp staff stole my heart in just a short time, and I believe they are very much [...]

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A few pictures from our group excursion to Quilatoa, a volcano south of Quito. The entire area is gorgeous, and visitors are able to hike down the volcano in order to visit the lake that formed at the bottom of the crater. The hike down was fairly quick, but the trek back up to the top was quite an experience. Definitely provided some beautiful views though!    

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Once again, I am quite behind on the blog. So, in order to catch y’all up I am going to start with a few adventures that actually happened last week. On Friday the 13th, I was lucky enough to tag along with two friends to their volunteer locations. The first destination was a small school in Quito (only about 20 minutes from my host home) at which my friend has been volunteering throughout the entire semester. As an education major, she is infinitely more qualified to teach and help the kids, but I had a great time just chatting with them and observing the general education system at the school. Things are a bit more chaotic (that seems to be [...]

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Futbol, brownies and goodbyes

These past two weeks have flown by as I turned in midterm papers and finished up all sorts of projects before the break for Semana Santa. This past weekend, then, was my opportunity to rest a bit before starting term papers and final exam preparation, and it was a very welcome time of relaxation and fun with my friends and family here in Quito. Last Wednesday evening, I attended my first Liga futbol game, a crucial experience necessary to complete any successful visit to Ecuador. The game ended in a tie (that was a little anticlimactic I suppose), but our group of BCA students had a great time and I made sure to purchase a Liga jersey before leaving the [...]

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Postcards from Coca

A few photos from my class trip to Coca, a petroleum town in the Amazon. A group of environmental activists from an organization called Angel Shingre took us on a “Toxic Tour” to show us some of the catastrophic effects of mining, African palm plantations, and petroleum sites in the area. We visited several of the extraction sites and spoke with local families who have been affected by the oil contamination. Visiting homes affected by contamination Petroleum sites Hiking in the jungle to see oil deposits Petroleum extraction platform An oil testing well

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Week Eleven

It’s been a little while since I posted, so I’m actually going to start with a few things from a week ago to catch y’all up. As hard as it is to believe, the previous week was number 11 in my stay here, and the time is only moving faster. Week #11 brought all sorts of new experiences, the highlight of which was my participation in the university’s Model UN conference March 16-18. I have to admit, I was dreading the whole thing and was plenty nervous to debate foreign policy with so many new peers and unfamiliar faces. The result of the weekend, however, was lots of new friendships and some great memories. The Model UN program at Universidad [...]

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Postcards from Cuenca

A few photos from my weekend trip to Cuenca, a beautiful city in the south of Ecuador as well as an UNESCO World Heritage site. We witnessed an anti-mining protest, saw some incredible churches, ate a lot of wonderful food, visited lots of markets, and just loved the place in general. Plaza Rotary Market Delicious lunch The march Flower market Some awesome scenery on the way home

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