Comm Studies in Taos

Communication Studies students in Meadows School of the Arts are taking on communications internships at various nonprofit organizations in Taos, N.M., during summer 2011. Students work with national and regional organizations, addressing issues such as at-risk youth, the environment, housing and the arts.

Five Star Food

An update from Jordan, a junior communication studies major: When I arrived in Taos at the beginning of June, I knew very little about New Mexico or this quaint tourist town.  I was bombarded with facts that first week.  I found out that the highest peak in New Mexico, Wheeler Peak (13,161 feet!!), is located in the Taos ski valley and that we would be hiking it.  I discovered that Taos is an arts Mecca and home to a plethora of nonprofit organizations.  I noticed that the gas at Smith’s grocery store is always at least ten cents cheaper than any other gas station in town.  I learned that residents of Taos are known as Taoseños.  And I learned that [...]

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Fun-filled field-trippin’ Friday

An update from Jordan, a junior communication studies major: Last Friday, Professor Flournoy, took our class - Victoria, Mark and me - on a field trip.  Around 1 p.m., we all met up in downtown Taos.  Victoria, Professor Flournoy and her little entourage (her 17-year-old twin daughters, Emma and Louise, and their friends, Christine and Theo) piled into Professor Flournoy’s mini-van, while Mark and I loaded up my slightly smaller, and I suspect quieter, Corolla. We proceeded to drive about 15 minutes to the Taos Pueblo.  The Taos Pueblo is a National Historic Landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  These adobe structures, from which the design of all other buildings in Taos is derived, have been continuously inhabited for [...]

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Internship at Rocky Mountain Youth Corps

An update from Mark, a junior majoring in advertising and markets and culture: During my June term at SMU-in-Taos, I am working as an intern for the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps. The Rocky Mountain Youth Corps is a nonprofit organization that helps young adults by providing jobs and training, and creating an appreciation for community responsibility. In Taos, the government recently has made budget cuts to schools and environmental efforts. I would say Rocky Mountain Youth Corps serves as the immune system to the disease of budget cuts in the community. June is the busiest month for Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, so in some ways I am an extra employee to make sure all the work in the office gets [...]

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My first 5k

An update from Jordan, a junior communication studies major: Read more from Communication Studies students at SMU-in-Taos. I am not a runner.  I do not do cardio. Period.  I have never participated in a race, and the farthest I have ever run, for “fun,” is a mere 1.5 miles.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a lazy bum, either.  I rock climb and enjoy somewhat leisurely activities like walking, hiking and biking.  I generally stay active, but I am not well acquainted with aerobic exercise, and I certainly do not run. So, when I find out that my wellness class will run in the PPC Solar 5k Sun Run, I have mixed feelings. The prospect of running double my [...]

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The magic of Taos

An update from Victoria, an international studies major: It feels like just yesterday I checked in at the dining hall at Fort Burgwin and unpacked my belongings. Now I have less than two weeks left at my internship, and the countdown to the “real world” begins as I finish up my last six hours as an undergraduate here in Taos. This is my third time to take classes at SMU-in-Taos, but my first experience during June term. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my fellow classmates out here as they are all very focused and dedicated to their work, whether it is art, photography, biology, research, poetry, or interning with various nonprofit organizations and businesses around Taos. The [...]

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An eventful Saturday

An update from Mark, a junior majoring in advertising and markets and culture: After a wild night of karaoke at Applebee's the night before, my classmates and I drove to the most photographed church in the United States: San Francisco de Asis. The church was made famous by Georgia O'Keeffe for her paintings and photos of the site. The San Francisco de Asis Church is made of adobe. The inside is beautiful, and the art inside truly represents a classic Spanish Catholic church. Each year the adobe structure has to be re-mudded to keep the foundation of the church strong. After a hard day of work re-mudding, I felt like I had somewhat mastered the art of mudding and could [...]

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