Civil Rights Pilgrimage South

During Spring Break 2011, students, faculty and staff are taking an eight-day bus ride to the American South’s civil rights landmarks. Political Science Professor Dennis Simon leads the pilgrimage with SMU’s Chaplain’s Office.

In the chair of Lloyd Howard’s barbershop

An update from Kelvin, who is earning a Master of liberal studies: Highlight of the day was being able to have my hair cut by Lloyd Howard, a man featured in a film at the Rosa Parks Museum and also a well-known teacher to the African American Community. Not a teacher in a sense of books and the classroom settings, but a teacher in a sense of fundamental, moral and ethical-based principles in the chair of his barbershop. The time spent with him was priceless, and no amount of money that I gave could have been as precious as the time spent with him. He urged that we, as America, keep the fight, not only the black community but everybody. [...]

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