Abigail in Copenhagen

Abigail, a senior double majoring in human rights, and public relations and strategic communications, is spending the fall semester in Copenhagen, Denmark participating in the Danish Institute for Study Abroad Justice and Human Rights program.

London Calling

Over Thanksgiving break I got to do a little solo exploring around London town, as my roommate who I was traveling with headed off to Bath, England to visit a friend. We were on a pretty tight schedule, and I had heard from friends that London was nearly impossible to see in a day, but I was determined to make the most of it. Overall, as cliché as it is, I have to say that London is so-far my favorite place I’ve visited. Maybe it was something about the magic of being there at Christmas-time, or maybe I’m just really homesick and it reminded me almost of America. Either way, here are some highlights from my favorite travel adventure so-far! What [...]

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Top 10 Things I Will Miss about Copenhagen

Jogs around Damhussøen (the lake behind my house) Dinner every night with my host family My roommates Allie and Kyle and all the sweet friends I’ve traveled with Starbucks baristas. Like, okay, I’m aware that we have Starbucks baristas in America, but shoutout to my homies at the Starbucks on Vestergade. They are the real MVPs this semester and some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Cinnamon rolls and chocolate rolls and croissants and pastries and I promise I don’t have a problem. My walk to class everyday via a narrow street paved with cobblestone aka walking through a fairy tale book. Blankets in cafes. And Danish cafes in general. The apple dessert my host mom Alice makes almost on a [...]

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A Week in the Life of a DIS Student

If you are like I was before studying abroad, you have no concrete idea of what studying abroad actually looks like. You’ve scrolled through study abroad Instagram posts, read blogs, watched videos, done country research and thought about potential weekend excursions. But, if you are like me, you need details. Some of you are thinking, “Gee, Abigail, you’ve written some nice posts about your travels and a little bit about Danish culture, but what do you actually do week in and week out in Copenhagen? How do you travel so much? Do you even study?” Firstly, yes I study. In fact, I’m currently sitting in Starbucks procrastinating a paper by writing this blog… But that’s beside the point. Secondly, for all those [...]

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Oslo, Bergen, and Barcelona, Oh My!

November, 20, 2016 This post is incredibly long overdue, but I couldn’t go without sharing a few major highlights from my independent travel week. Something I didn’t necessarily realize when I enrolled in DIS was just how different it is from other study abroad programs. Because DIS is designed with American students in mind, it allows for a degree of flexibility that’s not possible when studying at a foreign university. Independent travel week is just one example of why DIS is the perfect option for students looking to get the most out of their time abroad. For my independent travel week I trekked across Norway with some DIS friends, and then I met up with a friend from high school to spend [...]

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Mental Health Abroad: You are Capable.

Hej everyone! Wow. It’s been awhile. I could lie and say I’ve been avoiding this blog because I’ve been overwhelmed with work in the past few weeks. That is partly true. Guys, studying abroad entails actually studying. Who knew?! After arriving safely back in Copenhagen after my study tour to Kosovo, I hit the ground running, working diligently on a number of major midterm assignments. I wrote my first series of legal analyses for my Refugee Law and Humanitarian Law classes. I presented. I researched. I drank a lot of Starbucks. After midterms week, I spent a week traveling around Scandinavia and Europe with a few fellow DIS students for our free travel week. More about that in a later post. [...]

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A Love Letter to Kosovo

Dear Self-Determined Area of Kosovo, You are wonderful. How did I get so lucky as to visit you with my Humanitarian Law and Armed Conflict class for our long study tour? You’ve had a rough time over the past 20 years, dear, sweet Kosovo. To be quite frank, I knew next to nothing about you until I enrolled in this class. Now I know that you are a self-determined country that formally declared its independence from Serbia in 2008. In the late 1980s, amidst a communist regime in Yugoslavia, ethnic tensions began to rise between Albanian and Serbian ethnic groups, largely fueled by Serbian President Slobodan Milošević. Many ethnic Albanians were forced to flee the country or face cultural oppression by Milošević’s [...]

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Snapshots from Stockholm

Oct. 9, 2016 Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and boy was I blown away with this country! Everything was beautiful: the people, the streets, the architecture (did I mention the people?) Here are a few highlights from my weekend: The city itself is unbelievably beautiful: The Vasa Museum: Want to check out the most visited museum in Scandinavia? The Vasa Museum hosts a salvaged 17th century Viking ship, and it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Image courtesy of amusingplanet.com Ice Bar Stockholm: A unique experience for all those willing to brace the cold! Imagine your favorite bar, but inside an igloo. Plus it makes the perfect photo-op! Don’t [...]

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Overcoming Homesickness While Studying Abroad: Five Ways

Oct. 8, 2016   Ah, the dreaded homesickness. For as many times as I was told how much I was going to love Copenhagen, I was also warned by former abroad students that studying abroad can be difficult and sometimes lonely. You’d think in the world’s happiest country it’d be difficult to stay blue for long. However, for as much fun as I’m having, life abroad is not perfect (surprise!). I’ve dealt with my fair share of homesicknesses. While homesickness is unavoidable and perfectly natural, it’s important to not let it control your experience. Here I’ve compiled some of my go-to habits for overcoming seasons of homesickness: Do something you love Spending time with good friends can make you feel [...]

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Touristy Tuesday: Abigail’s Guide to Kronborg (AKA Hamlet’s Castle)

Commonly referred to as Hamlet’s Castle, Kronborg is a famous castle and stronghold located in Helsingør and overlooking the Øresund, which separates Denmark and Sweden. Made famous by William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Kronborg has quickly developed a reputation as a must-see in Denmark, and has even been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list. Step one: Do your research Kronborg is not exactly what I’d call close to downtown Copenhagen. In fact, it’s about a 30-minute journey from Copenhagen Central station to Helsingør. It’s absolutely do-able as a day, even a half-day, trip, but make sure you’re prepared to make the short journey via train or bus. It’s also helpful to note the schedule of guided tours in English. There’s even a Hamlet-inspired theatrical tour guided [...]

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Sugar–Yes, Please! My First Danish Birthday Celebration

Sept. 29, 2016 About a week ago one of my lovely host sisters turned 14 (if you’re reading this–happy belated birthday), and I attended my very first Danish birthday celebration. This day will go down forevermore as the day I ate MORE SUGAR THAN I EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. I’ll take you hour-by-hour through my day. 08:00: Bright and early on Sunday morning, the other Americans and I were woken up by the sounds of my host mother Alice’s parents arriving to our doorstep. They were possibly two of the most precious humans I’ve ever met, and Alice’s mother kept rubbing my back and smiling like a doting mother. The birthday girl's place at the table was cleverly decorated with Danish flags [...]

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