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El Tertuliano

Vengan, vengan todos! Hace demasiado frio!! Our profesora, Marta Beriso Lopez, herded us into her countryside home, an hour and a half outside of Madrid. The five students in our art history class were joining her and her mother for a special tradition called el tertuliano. El tertuliano, as defined by the Collins online dictionary, normally refers to a radio or talk show host who chats about celebrity gossip and the like. However, it can also mean “member of a social gathering.” What the online dictionaries don’t explain is the Spanish tradition of the tertuliano, which I was fortunate enough to experience during my semester abroad in Spain. A common tradition during holidays or weekends, the tertuliano is essentially an [...]

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5 Great Resources for Your Weekend Trips

Studying abroad, whether for a summer or a semester, will most likely involve a variety of weekend trips. Some of these trips may allow three days to explore a city, and some may span only an afternoon. Here are some resources to find what you need to know in order to have the best time during your visits! 1. The New York Times’ 36-Hours-In Series The New York Times has a “36-Hours-In” column series that has become so popular, it’s hard to find a city it doesn’t cover. The articles are concise and varied, generally representing cultural experiences, such as famous museums or historical sites, great restaurants for varying budgets, and local bars and music scenes. In addition to reading about cities [...]

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5 Tips for a Successful Semester Abroad

Olivia is a senior Hunt Scholar majoring in Film and Media Arts, English and Spanish. She studied abroad with SMU-in-Paris and SMU-in-Oxford during summer 2012, followed by a fall semester in Madrid with the SMU-in-Spain program. Her love for travel took her abroad again in the summer of 2013, during which she worked in London for three months. As she prepares to graduate, Olivia is pursuing academic and employment opportunities abroad.

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